27 Lovely Lemonade Braids To Refresh Your Look

Beyonce was the one that gave us the lemon diet. Truth be told, the diet was there, it was just Beyonce taking it to the next level of popularity. The same can be said about Lemonade braids.

Beyonce is the one popularizing this braids hairstyle. You can even say that lemonade braids are becoming one of the most iconic braids of all time, and it is all thank to Queen B. Beyonce wore this iconic style, formerly known as cornrow braids for her 2016 album, Lemonade.

Looking for some inspiration? Wondering if your hair is enough? Do not worry, there are small lemonade braids and long lemonade braids. Let us help you with a couple of ideas how to catch up on the braiding hair trend.

What makes them special?

Lemonade braids can be done on short hair or long hair. These Beyonce braids are usually side-swept long cornrow braids, ending past your chest or waist. But even if you have short natural hair, it is possible to get them.

The main reason why women love them is they are low maintenance and long-lasting. Usually, these braided hairstyle lasts up to four weeks. You can even add some hair accessories, or dye your hair in a different hair color.

1. Chunky Long And Stylish Lemonade Braids

long stylish chunky
Photo: Instagram.com

If you’ve seen Beyonce and her braids, one thing is obvious, she is more into mini braids. But that doesn’t mean you cannot rock the lemonade braiding style with some big and chunky braids. It is all up to you. As long as you follow the braiding hair technique.

2. Side Cornrow With A Eclipse Swirl Up And Front

side tight curve with swirly top
Photo: Instagram.com

Lemonade braids are actualy small feed in braids. For those of you that do not know, small feeds are a braiding technique that can last up to two weeks with proper maintenance. And here is a side cornrow braids style with small feed in braids.

3. Edgy Zig Zag Lemonade Braids With Golden Hair Cuffs

edgy curved braids
Photo: Instagram.com

You can say that lemonade braids are quite edgy without any additions. But if you want to make them cooler and fancier, here is a way how to do it. Those golden hair cuffs might be too much for some ladies. However, if you can rock gold on your hair, it is a great addition. Just be careful not to look silly.

4. Lemonade Braids Twisted Into Turban-Like Updo

turban hidden with bangs
Photo: Instagram.com

Alicia Keys is another celebrity that loves to do lemon style braids. And she is also into turbans. While we haven’t seen rocking a braiding turban, this is a style that definitely looks tailor-made for the R&B star.

5. Chunky Lemonade Braids With A Slight Curve

chunky curvy
Photo: Instagram.com

Another way to do large and chunky braids, but be unique while doing it. Why leave the hair fall behind your back, when you can go sideways, and add a fancy twist to your lemonade braids hairstyle.

6. Jumbo And Micro Lemonade Braids

chunky and tiny cornrows
Photo: Instagram.com

Mix and match are one of the most popular techniques lately. People use it in interior design, makeup, and hairstyle. The premise is simple, you combine two vastly different styles, and try to achieve a balance between them. You can certainly say there is a balance in this style.

In this case, we mix jumbo braids and micro braids. The result is a stunning braided hairstyle.

7. Two-Sectioned Lemonade Braids With Loose Sides

sectioned horizontal braids
Photo: Instagram.com

For those of you who want to achieve the Harlem-vibe with your braided hair, here is one fancy and quite an urban look. You can definitely rock this style while going out for a party.

8. Swirly Star-Parted Lemonade Braids

swirly star separated braids
Photo: nstagram.com

Some women want to add a fancy touch to their braids. Adding a star in the middle of your head certainly fits that bill. It might take a bit more time to precisely make the star, but it is well worth it.

9. Lemonade Micro Braids With One Loose Side Braid

micro braids with loose braid
Photo: Instagram.com

The equivalent of focus nail when you do your manicure. You can always leave one nail out, or in this case, one braid out to pop. It is a nifty trick to get more attention in a simple way.

10. Jumbo Criss-Cross Swirly Braids

jumbo lemonades with swirl
Photo: Instagram.com

Criss-Cross is a technique that requires a lot of time and effort to master. But once you learn it, you can create some of the most playful hairstyles you’ve seen. So, invest in yourself, and the rewards will follow suit.

11. Medium Lemonade Braids On Shoulder Length Hair

micro cornrow on shoulder lenght
Photo: Instagram.com

You will hear some people telling you that for braids, you have to have long hair. Wrong. You can make your braids no matter the length of your hair. Exhibit A. See, even medium length works. And you can still have a classic lemonade braid.

12. Single Jumbo Side Braid On Loose Hair

single braids on curly hair
Photo: Instagram.com

A different take on the one that stood apart. Instead of all braids and one left on the side, you have just a single braid in between your loose hair. If you want to try something unique, this is it.

13. Small And Medium Zig-Zag Burgundy Lemonade Braids

medium mall burgundy braids
Photo: Instagram.com

This is the classic Beyonce braids hairstyle, but with a hair color twist. Burgundy is one of the most popular colors in the past year. No surprise there. Burgundy makes you look more sophisticated and elegant. Try it.

14. Micro Curved Lemonade Braids

very small twisted lemonade
Photo: Instagram.com

We said at the beginning that lemonade braids are small feed in braids. But this is going a step more to the micro braiding. Now, micro braiding is a delicate technique. But micro braids are less damaging extensions if you want to go that route.

15. Medium Horizontal Lemonade Braids

small horizontal braids
Photo: Instagram.com

Another proof that even medium length can work for braids. In this case, however, we have a different direction of the African hair braiding process. And that is just fine. It is all about finding something unique about your hairstyle, and sticking with it.

16. Goddess Lemonade Braids With Crus Cros Braids Up Front

criss-corss up front goddess braids
Photo: Instagram.com

Here is one unique braid style that will definitely take some time for practice. This girl is one of the more popular hair specialist on Instagram, so it is worth taking a look. She definitely has a lot of ideas to offer. We want to try this one, as it is quite unique.

17. Pink Lemonade Braids

pink lemonade
Photo: Instagram.com

We had burgundy braids, and now we get to see some pink ones. These are more girly and romantic looking ones. And they definitely add some playfulness to your hair. If you have the skin color and tone to match the pink braids, definitely try it once.

18. Boxed Senegalese Twist Lemonade Braids

Senegalese boxed twist
Photo: Instagram.com

Senegalese twist, or Senegalese braids are another popular hair trend in the past few years. The best part? You can order ready to apply for hair extensions. With that in mind, you can get your lemonade braids in a matter of minutes.

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19. Stylish Tribal Lemonade Braids

tribal briads style
Photo: Instagram.com

Braids are part of the boho chic style. And when it comes to boho style, you want some tribal elements. Just be careful, if you try some tribal elements on your hair, avoid them on your outfit.

20. Violet Cornrow Star Parted Lemonade Braids With Loose Chunky Curls

neon violet star shaped
Photo: Instagram.com

One color that will definitely add elegance to your outfit is violet. These chunky braids add volume, and thanks to the color, you will look unique and wonderful. The star on the side is just icing on the cake.

21. Central Parted Lemonade Braids

central parted senegalese
Photo: Instagram.com

One of the purposes of braiding is to get the hair out of your forehead and showcase your full face and beautiful eyes. This hairstyle definitely does that, thanks to the central parted braids.

22. All Around Medium All Around Lemonade Braids

Photo: Instagram.com

A true R&B hairstyle, one taken directly out of Alicia Keys’s looks. You can be certain you will steal a couple of looks when you are out in the club with this hairstyle. Or even strolling down the streets.

23. Strait Micro And Macro Lemonade Braids

jumbo and micro braids
Photo: Instagram.com

We mentioned previously that you can easily mix and match small and large braids in one hairstyle. That is exactly the point here. The length is astonishing as well, which can only be achieved realistically with a hair extension.

24. Small To Large Lemonade Braids

small to large side cornrows
Photo: Instagram.com

In the same spirit, we have another idea for small to large braids. There is a small difference in the style of the braids, but it is still the same goal.

25. Senegalese Style Lemonade Braids With Top Knot

side lemonade sinegalese with top knot
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuhT8gYnWGq/

This is one classic Harlem hairstyle you’ve probably seen in a movie or two. Popular choice among ladies when they want to add more volume to their hair. Try it, you won’t regret it.

26. Blond Diamond Parted Braids In Low Bun

blond diamond parted lemonade braids
Photo: Instagram.com

If you ever thought that braids are only for African-American women, think again. Here is an example of how they can look amazing even on a white-colored American woman. Not to be racist or anything, but braids are for everyone.

27. Triangle Star Parted Lemonade Braids In Braided Ponytail

triangle separated star form in braided ponytail
Photo: Instagram.com

We finish off with a colorful and playful example of braiding with some hair accessories. Hopefully, you liked what you saw so far. If you have any other ideas for Lemonade braids, feel free to share them in the comments. We want to see your braids.