Makeup Tricks for Women Over 30 – How to Look Younger than You Are

As women, we understand the natural progression of life brings about changes in our bodies and our skin. The experiences we gather enrich us with confidence and an evolved sense of self. Embracing the beauty of maturity, we also recognize the importance of skincare and the role makeup plays in accentuating our features. The art of makeup evolves with us, offering a palette to enhance our natural beauty while preserving the youthful vigor of our skin.

We have discovered that certain makeup techniques can be particularly beneficial for those of us in our thirties and beyond. By adapting our makeup application to the changes our skin undergoes, we can highlight our confidence and the unique charm that comes with maturity. Here, we offer some makeup tips designed to do just that—maintaining a fresh, vibrant look that resonates with our inner strength and the outer sexy confidence that age bestows.

Do Not Forget a Primer


  • Primer Benefits:
    • Enhances makeup longevity
    • Smoothens skin surface
    • Balances skin tone
  • Application Guide:
    • Eyes: Apply before eyeshadow to hide fine lines
  • Product Relevance:
    • Primers improve foundation performance

Apply Blush On Your Cheekbones

To enhance our cheekbones, we use blush strategically. Considering our face shape, we apply it not just on the cheeks but focusing higher up for a lifted look. Here is how we do it:

  • Choose the right blush: Pick a shade that complements our skin tone.
  • Identify the cheekbones: Find the area that is most prominent when we smile.
  • Use the correct brush: A fluffy brush ensures even distribution.
  • Apply the blush: Start at the apple of the cheek, blend upwards towards the hairline.
  • Blend well: Ensure there are no harsh lines for a natural effect.
  • Incorporate bronzer: For added definition, a touch of bronzer below the blush can enhance the cheekbones further.

What Is The Right Mascara?

When choosing mascara, it’s essential to understand that lashes change over time. Here’s a guide to selecting the right one:

  • Age Consideration: Opt for formulas suited for mature lashes.
  • Application Technique: Begin at the lash root, sweep to the tip.
  • Volume Building: Apply multiple coats for a fuller effect.
  • Pro Tip: Avoid overly drying mascaras; focus on nourishing ingredients.

Pay Attention To The Under The Eye Area


The skin under our eyes is particularly prone to signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. It’s crucial we incorporate an eye cream into our daily regimen to address puffiness and dark circles. When selecting an eye cream, opt for ones that tout anti-inflammatory properties, crucial for combating redness and swelling.

  • Look for ingredients such as coffee or green tea which are effective in soothing the under-eye area.
  • Consistently apply eye cream each morning to maintain a refreshed appearance.
  • Prior to makeup, applying a layer of concealer can help in minimizing the appearance of any dark circles.

By making these steps a fixture in our skincare routine, we can keep the under-eye area looking revitalized.

Get Some Yellow Tint

We recommend blending a yellow-tinted concealer or foundation to achieve a warm, glowing base. The golden hue this imparts ensures skin looks vibrant and photo-ready while concealing imperfections.

Benefits for Various Skin Tones and Types:

  • Universal Appeal: Yellow undertones complement all skin colors.
  • Imperfection Concealment: Works seamlessly to mask skin flaws.
  • Hydration: Enhances skin’s natural moisture for a smoother appearance.

Application Tips:

  • Under Eyes Caution: To avoid a grayish cast, apply sparingly around the eye area.
  • Pairing with Highlighter: Accentuate the glow with a suitable highlighter on top.

Remember, the key is in the blend for a natural, flattering finish.

Use Lighter Eyeliner


  • Brown or champagne eyeliner on the waterline can enhance the appearance of our eyes.
  • These shades can:
    • Open up the eyes
    • Give definition
    • Make eyes pop

Switching from the classic black to lighter shades is a simple change with significant impact.

Give Your Brows Some Attention

  • Tweezing: We start with tweezing to shape our brows, ensuring we don’t overdo it.
  • Brushing: Using a brow brush, we create a natural, refined look.
  • Filling: To address any sparseness, we lightly fill in gaps with a brow pencil.
  • Color Selection: We opt for a pencil shade lighter than our natural brow to achieve a blended, natural appearance.

Remember, the goal is to enhance our brows subtly, maintaining a lightweight feel while adding fullness.

Forget the Powder

In our 30s, we face a shift in how our skin reacts to makeup. We often notice that what worked for us in our youth doesn’t hold up as well. It’s essential to reassess our makeup routines, beginning with how we use face powder.

While it’s excellent in our teens for controlling the shine of oily skin, as we mature, we might find that powder can give our complexion a less-than-desired, dry appearance. Rather than banning powder completely, we suggest a more selective application. Focus on the T-zone, where oiliness tends to be more prominent, ensuring that we don’t overdo it and cause our skin to look dull.

  • Recommended Powder: Silica powder
    • Benefits: It’s less visible on the skin.
    • Application Tip: Limit its use to where it’s truly necessary.

Go Nude

We understand the value of embracing a natural look, especially when it comes to lipstick. As our lips naturally thin with age, choosing a nude lipstick that complements the inherent tone of our lips becomes essential. This approach not only grants the appearance of plumper lips but accomplishes this with sleek simplicity.

Here’s our concise guide to achieving fuller-looking lips:

  • Select Your Shade: Aim for a hue that closely aligns with your lip’s natural color.
  • Apply With Care: A smooth application ensures a seamless blend with your natural lip line.
  • Finish With Gloss: A dab of gloss ensures your lips remain hydrated and accentuates fullness.

Remember, the key is to enhance, not overshadow, our natural beauty. With the right nude lipstick, we help our lips look their best, unassumingly yet confidently.

Makeup Tricks for Women Over 30