What are Solar Nails? The Latest Manicure Trend Explained

solar nails
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If you want to know what is the latest talk about solar nails, read on. By now, you’ve probably heard the term anywhere. Whether on a Pinterest ad, a YouTube video, or anywhere else. In the past two years, solar nails have been everywhere. So, what are solar nails?

Simply put, solar nails are a type of acrylic nails manufactured by Creative Nail Design. And while they are acrylic in nature, they are superior to regular acrylic.

They come in pink and white color and look very similar to the French manicure. They are a great idea for a wedding, birthday, or any other formal occasion. Of course, you can wear them for a casual date as well.

What is a solar nail?

Let’s start from the beginning. A solar nail is a type of artificial nail you can apply over your natural nail. These solar nail designs are made from a durable and flexible material. They be shaped into any desired style.

Usually, a solar fake nail extension is pink or clear in color. People who want to make their nails look longer and healthier opt for solar nails. They can last for several weeks, and are more resistant to chipping and breaking than your regular nails.

Benefits of solar nails

Once you answer the question what are solar nails, the logical second question is why you should use them? Well, for starters, they carry a number of benefits when compared to regular acrylic nails.

Here are some of the biggest benefits.

Better than extensions

Unlike regular acrylic nails, solar nails are not extensions. Extensions can cause damage to the natural nails, especially if used/worn for a long period of time. Solar nails, on the other hand, are actually embedded into the natural nails. Because of this process, solar nails maintain their luster.

The process is done in two steps, starting with cleaning the natural nails, and then the white nail is placed on the entire nail, followed by the pink on the nail bed. But we will talk about the process of applying later on.

No need of replace

If you have acrylic nails, you have to go to the salon every 2 weeks preferably, or at least every 3 weeks. Otherwise, your nails will grow and they will show a gap between the acrylic color and your nail.

If you use solar nails, you can avoid all of the replacement processes. You do not replace the artificial nails. Instead, all you have to do is refill the nails every 3 weeks. This makes solar nails much more affordable for maintaining, despite the higher initial cost.

No worries of UV rays

If you have acrylic or gel nails, you need to avoid spending too much time in the sun due to the UV rays. These sun rays can cause damage to your artificial nails.

In the same time, you have to avoid taking a sunbath or visit a tanning center. When exposed to UV light for a long time, acrylic nails can lose their luster and become yellow. With solar nails, that is not the case.

Natural nail enhancement

As we said before, a solar nail provides fake nail extension that can enhance the look of your natural nails. Because they are made from a durable resin, you can apply them over your real nail. Then, they can be filled and shaped to match the shape and look of your nails. They provide a more natural look than acrylic nails.

No worries of discoloration

Speaking of turning yellow, when using nail polish on natural nails, they can turn yellow. Discoloration plays a huge role, and that is not the case with solar nails. Your solar nails will maintain the nail polish for an extended period of time.


One of the biggest benefits of solar nails is its strength. They are very strong and do not break easily under pressure. On the other hand, most artificial nails can break under just light pressure.

When you apply solar nails, your regular and natural nails actually become stronger and tougher. Thank the materials used, as they are all of high-quality.

Are there any downsides?

With any fake nail extension, there are pros and cons. We talked about the benefits of solar nails, but let’s briefly touch on the downsides.

  • They require the use of chemicals that can be harsh on your real nail
  • It make your natural nail growth more conspicuous due to the separation of color that will start to show
  • Solar nails are thicker and heavier on the hands and it will take some time to get used to them

Solar vs. Gel Nails

Solar nails and gel nails are both artificial nails. Some refer to them as false nails, fake nails, fashion nails, or even nail enhancements. Artificial nails, in their nature, are nail extensions which are used to cover the real nails.

Here are some differences between these two:

  • Solar nails are made of polymethyl methacrylate acrylics, while gel nails are made of polymer resins
  • Solar nails harden by air, while gel nails go through an ultraviolet light treatment
  • Unlike gel nails, who can shatter and cannot be fixed at home, solar nails can easily be fixed at home if they break
  • Solar nails are longer-lasting than gel nails, lasting up to three weeks without refill, and more if you refill them constantly at home
  • Solar nails are less expensive than gel nails. Initially, they might cost more, but the price of maintaining is less expensive
  • Gel nails look more natural in appearance compared to solar nails
  • Solar nails can be easily removed using acetone, while gel nails need to be filed off or sometimes even use a soaking method

Solar nails vs. Acrylic nails

We talked about the difference between a solar nail and gel nail, but let’s compare them to an acrylic nail as well.

  • Acrylic nails are composed of liquid monomer and a powder polymer, making them thicker. Solar nail designs are thinner and more natural looking
  • Solar nails provide more natural look and feel
  • Acrylic nails are a bit more durable and require less maintenance

How to apply and remove solar nails

Now that you know what are solar nails, you are probably wondering how to apply them. Anyone who is interested in getting solar nails, will be pleased to know that they can easily be applied at home. In fact, they are quite easy to apply.

Solar nails are glued directly to the end of your natural fingernail.

The process is the following:

  1. Clean your nature nails
  2. Glue solar nails to the end of your natural fingernail
  3. Apply solar powder for nails on top, blending together the solar and natural nails together

As mentioned, you can apply the nails at home. Or you can go to a salon and have them done, as they are not that expensive.

As for how to remove them, the process is even easier. Solar nails fall off after a few weeks, and before that, you can notice they are becoming more flexible. Simply pry them off, and there will be no damage to your real nails.

How long do they last?

One of the questions many have is how long do solar nails last. Generally speaking, they last for three weeks if not filled. After those three weeks, they will naturally fall off. Sometimes, your solar nails can come off even without you noticing.

The process is painless, and there is no damage to your nails. Just be prepared that your natural nails will be weaker for a week after the solar nails fall off. You have to be prepared of some flaking and cracking in the natural nails.

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How much do they cost?

One of the benefits of solar nails is they cost significantly less than acrylics and gel, depending on the nail salon where you go.

You can get them for a price between $30 and $60. For comparison, you cannot get acrylics and gel nails for less than $100 in any nail salon.

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