26 Lively Boho Hairstyles Great For Summertime Fun

Embracing boho hairstyles aligns perfectly with the rising trend of natural and healthy living. As we find ourselves drawn to authenticity and the allure of nature, these styles epitomize an effortless chic that is both practical and captivating. They offer an elegant yet easy-to-manage solution for those of us seeking to refresh our look while remaining grounded in an organic aesthetic.

We understand the importance of versatility in fashion, and boho hairstyles deliver just that. From whimsical braids interwoven with delicate flowers to textured and tousled waves, boho chic captures the spirit of summer festivals and laid-back beach parties. It’s a fashion statement that complements a range of occasions, from casual gatherings to more formal events like weddings, embodying a romantic and free-spirited vibe with every twist and turn.

1. Half Up Twisted Crown With Messy Pull Trough

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Step Action
1 Choose a textured, loose hairstyle.
2 Incorporate braids for a Bohemian vibe.

2. Boho Forehead Braid Updo

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  • Style: Forehead braid
  • Look: Natural
  • Popularity: Increasing

3. Messy Textured Ponytail

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  • Achieve a bohemian vibe with our simple steps.
  • Loosen the hair to add texture.
  • Use salt spray to enhance the natural messiness.
  • Pull hair back into a low ponytail; allow strands to fall freely.

Remember, the goal is a fresh, natural look reminiscent of bohemian spirit.

4. Braided Fauxhawk With Side Looped Cornrows

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  • Elegant with a relaxed vibe
  • Incorporates side loops for a dynamic look
  • Embraces the Bohemian ethos with casual flair
  • Loops add a creative twist to traditional cornrows

5. Chunky Side Braid Into Messy Ponytail

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  • Step 1: Begin with a side French braid.
  • Step 2: Transition into a low ponytail.
  • Step 3: Tease it out for a full, messy effect.

6. Bob Braids And Curls

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  • Chic: Combines elegance with a playful twist.
  • Sophisticated: Transforms a simple bob with a touch of complexity.

Our Take: Keeping braided bobs in our styling repertoire offers a versatile look that straddles simplicity and refinement.

7. Scarf Wrapped Braided Ponytail

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  • Weave a ponytail with a colorful scarf for texture and uniqueness.
  • Choose a scarf reflecting boho vibes akin to the 60s’ hippie era.
  • The scarf shouldn’t be overly elegant; instead, it should enhance the hairstyle’s casual flair.
  • Wrapping it around your ponytail adds a distinct touch that sets the style apart.

8. Top Cornrow With Wild Platinum Beach Waves

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  • Beachy Waves: Achieve a bohemian vibe with minimal braids amidst flowing tresses.
  • Cornrow Accent: Incorporate a singular top cornrow to anchor the wild beach look.
  • Platinum Hues: Enhance the waves with a luminous platinum tone for added flair.

9. Twisted Braided Top Knot With Loose Strand Braids

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  • Accentuates: Highlights eyes by keeping the forehead and face open.
  • Styling Tip: Release side braids to frame the face while ensuring visibility.

10.  Side Swept Loose Multi Braids On Long Voluminous Blonde

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  • Styling Technique: Effortlessly braid your voluminous blonde locks into playful multi-braids.
  • Visual Appeal: Achieve a bohemian flair perfect for a unique and artistic vibe.
  • Hair Management: This style effectively harnesses the challenge of ample volume.

11. Boho Frohawk Locks

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  • Blend of bohemian gypsy braids style
  • Ideal for afro-textured hair
  • Maintains high popularity since 2018

12. Rainbow Floral Crown

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  • Flower Crown: Earthy tones symbolize nature’s palette.
  • Princess Headband: An accessory that channels bohemian vibrance.
  • Flower Crowns: Each showcases a blend of green, yellow, and brown.
  • Multiple Colors: Carefully selected to reflect sunlight and soil hues.

13. Tide back with Braid in The Middle And Green Hues

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  • Color: We opt for green to embody nature’s essence.
  • Style: A central braid anchors our tide-back look.
  • Accents: Sprigs of flora intersperse, evoking a meadow’s touch.

14. Textured Curly Updo

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  • Curls: We incorporate curls to inject playfulness into the hairstyle.
  • Updo: Elevates the look, infusing elegance.
  • Texture: Our goal to enhance the hair’s dynamism.

The combination results in a ready-to-go charming appearance, perfect for a bohemian vibe.

15. Bubbled Updo With Floral Headband

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  • Look: Bubbled updo
  • Accent: Floral headband
  • Style: Bohemian

Embrace a boho vibe with ample floral headbands.

16. Halfway Dreadlocks

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  • Short Boho Hair: Exhibits a carefree, artistic lifestyle.
  • Dreadlocks: Symbolize a deep reverence historically linked to spirituality.
Style Definition
Dreadlocks A bold statement of fearlessness and identity
Short Boho Hair Expresses an unconventional, relaxed fashion

Dreadlocks have evolved from their historical religious roots to modern expressions of individuality. We recognize them as a testament to personal bravery and distinctiveness.

17. Baby Pink Double Dutch Tieback Bubble Ponytail

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  • Color: Baby pink
  • Style: Feminine, romantic, casual
  • Type: Bubble braids

18. Boho French Braid Crown Half-Updo On Straight Blonde

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  • Style: Bohemian French Braid Crown
  • Hair Texture: Straight Blonde
  • Occasion: Adds charm to casual and formal events.
  • Technique: Enhances classic braiding by incorporating French braids into a crown half-updo.

19. Zig Zag Feed-In Cornrows With Long Loose Curls

  • Style Inspiration: The bohemian vibe with a touch of artistry.
  • Detailing: Wavy ends enhance the zig-zag pattern.
  • Accessories: A mix of beads and rings to elevate the look.

20. Dutch Baid Tied Back Crown With Side Tied Tie

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  • Dutch Braids: Weave underhand for a pronounced, embossed look
  • Joyful Design: A relaxed style that projects a cheerful vibe
  • Casual Elegance: Loose strands for a laid-back yet sophisticated appearance

21. Rainbow Blonde Criss Crossed Braids With Messy Fishtail Ponytail

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  • Hair Color: Rainbow
  • Style: Criss Crossed Braids into Messy Fishtail Ponytail
  • Inspiration: Bohemian Nature, Colors
  • Detail: Incorporates fishtail braids for textured look
  • Occasion: Adds a boho touch to any outfit

22. Tied Back Halo With Hanging Braids

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Style Attributes:

  • Versatility: Perfect for both casual and special occasions.
  • Aesthetic: Embraces a bohemian vibe.


  • Ease: Simplified for a relaxed feel.
  • Adaptability: Fits various settings, offering a blend of charm and comfort.

23. Double Inverted Braids With Boho Space Buns

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  • Style: Double inverted braids lead to space buns.
  • Highlights: Boho accessories central to the look.
  • Impression: Gives a magazine-quality effect.
Feature Detail
Accessories Boho
Visual Appeal High

24. Boho Infinity Braid Side Braid

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We incorporate a unique touch into the classic ponytail with an infinity braid. This style embodies the boho vibe seamlessly.

Tools Required:

  • Small elastic


  1. Start with a side braid.
  2. Secure with the elastic to maintain the braid’s integrity.

25. Boho Boxx Braids/Passion Twist/Faux Locks

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  • Box Braids: Classic protective style with versatile designs.
  • Bohemian Box Braids: Incorporate loose ends for a relaxed vibe.
  • Boho Box Braids: Meld tradition with free-spirited flair.
  • Ombre Medium-Sized Boho Box Braids: Subtle color gradient meets bohemian aesthetic.
  • Goddess Locs: Achieve a regal look with silky faux locs.

26. Braided Bangs With Side Braided Pony

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  • Style: Side Braided Pony
  • Occasion: Weddings


  1. Braid bangs to the side.
  2. Gather hair into a low pony.
  3. Braid the ponytail.