How to Get Clear Skin? Tips and Treatments from Experts

Clear skin, it is an elusive dream, and not many achieve it. Let’s be honest for a second, a clear requires taking care of your health, eating proper diet, and sacrificing a lot.

Between the hormones going nuts, pollution everywhere around us, fast food, and pore-clogging triggers waiting at every corner, it is hard to achieve clear and blemish-free skin. Fortunately for you, we have the means for how to get clear skin.

While it is attainable, it does require a few lifestyle changes, a bit sacrifice, and some proper skincare routine. We will talk about all of that.

Creating a proper skincare routine

Without a proper skincare routine, one that you will practice daily, it is hard to get clear skin. Every day, there is a new problem, and if you do not practice proper skincare hygiene and routine, the issues will pile up.

Here is how to get skincare for clear skin.

Step 1 – Washing your face

You need to wash your face at least once, preferably two times per day. Start the morning by washing your face, and then once in the evening to remove bacteria and impurities from the day. If you have oily skin, get a non-comedogenic face wash that will prevent clogging of the pores.

Step 2 – Cleansing

Your skin can range between dry and oily, and everything in between. Picking up a proper cleanser for your skin is the first step in your daily skincare routine. You need a mild cleanser that matches your skin type. Check the label on the bottle.

Step 3 – Moisturize

Once you wash and cleanse your face, it is time to apply moisturizer. Apply it after washing, and before applying makeup. Same as with other products, you need a moisturizer for your specific skin type.

For your morning moisturizer, try to find one with sunscreen in it, to get some protection from the sun.

Step 4 – Exfoliate

This step is not a daily step. Instead, it is a weekly step. Practice exfoliating your skin once per week to remove all the accumulated dead skin cells, dirt, debris, oil, bacteria, and other impurities.

Just remember, do not exfoliate with an acne problem, as you can make it worse.

The three-step acne cleaning method

Speaking of acne, it is one of the biggest issues and enemies to clear skin. For how to get clear skin, you need to also learn how to get rid of acne.

With that in mind, one treatment that has shown to be successful is the 3-step solution.

What is the solution? Basically, it is a three-step regimen for fighting acne. You apply salicylic acid cleanser first, then you follow up with a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment, and you finish off with a daily moisturizer.

Salicylic acid helps you dry the skin, exfoliate, and get rid of dead skin cells. Benzoyl peroxide fights the bacteria causing acne, and the moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

Dos and Don’ts of Clear Skin

Here are a couple of rules you need to follow to make sure your skin gets clear and remains clear for the time being.

  • Do use a cleansing brush to cleanse better, as a brush takes off more dirt, bacteria, and makeup from your skin, as well as exfoliating the surface of the skin
  • Do get a mild cleanser designed for acne-prone skin if you are experiencing a breakout. Don’t use just any face wash
  • Don’t forget to use a toner in the morning and evening. Go for one with glycolic acid or salicylic acid that will unclog your pores and show your clear and beautiful skin
  • Don’t under any circumstances, pick, pock, or pop pimples. A friendly reminder never hurts. Even if you have a pimple you are desperate to pop, apply a spot treatment instead
  • Do apply topical retinoids before going to bed to unclog follicles, and help acne treatments work faster and better
  • Don’t skip sunscreen in the morning, as sun damage can be a huge problem for your clear skin
  • Do use a clay mask every now and then. For a DIY clay mask, mix two tablespoons of bentonite clay powder, one tablespoon of honey, and one tablespoon of water
  • Don’t underestimate the value of your diet. Eating junk food every now and then is somewhat acceptable, but sticking to a fast-food diet daily is a recipe for failure
  • Do get a good night’s sleep to make sure everything in your body runs smoothly. And with a good night’s sleep, your skin restores itself through regeneration. Lack of speed results in tired-looking complexion and dark circles, which is the opposite of clear skin

Tips from Experts

You want to know the secrets of beautiful models and how they have clear skin? Do not worry. We’ve got the experts sharing those secrets.

These tips might look simple at first glance, but don’t forget, it is the little things that matter. Sometimes, making the little things is the difference between clear skin and awful-looking complexion

Wash your face before bed

We mentioned before that you need to wash your face two times in the day. But we have to stress it again. Some people forget to wash their face in the evening.

You need to wash away the day’s grime, as your face absorbs all the dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and impurities through the day. A simple mild cleanser will do the trick.

Use oil-absorbing moisturizer

Moisturizers need to heal your skin, not make it greasy. With that in mind, pick a daily moisturizer that will absorb any excess oil and shine.

Wash off the cleanser

A lot of people make the mistake of washing their cleanser just casually. Leftover cleanser usually translates to leftover dirt and leftover oil. And over time, those leftovers accumulate in your pores, clog them, and acne breakouts happen. Make sure to wash off ALL of the cleanser. Rinse until your skin feels clean and smooth, no slippery or soapy.

Wash with cold water

If you want to have smooth complexion, do not wash your face with hot water. Why? Because hot water can dry out your skin. Instead, go for cold water, which will close your pores.

Do not over wash

This can be tricky. You wash your face, and your skin still feels oily. And you think, OK, let me wash it again. Wrong! Overwashing can dry out your skin completely. What you can do instead is use an astringent after cleansing to remove the excess oil.

Change your pillowcase

You might be thinking, what is the connection between my pillowcase and my clear skin? Well, your pillowcase absorbs and accumulates everything on your skin while you are sleeping.

Not changing it often enough will cause acne breakouts. Even if you wash your face at night, the pillowcase can carry dirt and sweat from hair, hands, and more. Therefore, make it a priority to change your pillowcase once per week.

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