25 Brilliant Braided Updos For Fancy Occasions

Braided updos have become a quintessential hairstyle for those looking to elegantly manage long hair while adding a touch of sophistication. These hairstyles are versatile, transitioning seamlessly from a relaxed day-time gathering to the most formal of events. They exude femininity and romance, featuring elements such as braids, buns, and ponytails, often secured with bobby pins and a mist of hairspray to ensure longevity.

We understand the allure of transforming everyday hair into a statement piece. By weaving in braids, whether they’re rope braids, waterfall braids, or classic plaits, you can craft a look that captures attention. Accessorizing with hair rings, bows, or wrapping strands with embellished hair wraps amplifies the visual appeal. We’re here with a plethora of ideas to inspire and guide you in crafting that perfect braided updo, using natural hair, extensions, or incorporating various accessories. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or a complex pattern, we’ll offer tips to enhance your updo experience.

1. Halo Pipe Braids Drop Bun Updo

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  • We create an elegant twist on traditional styles with the halo braid.
  • Our technique ensures a neat bun that is both practical and chic.
  • Ideal for a relaxed yet fashionable daytime look.

2. Double Cornrows Ending in Braided Space Buns

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  • We opt for cornrows to introduce texture and volume to our hair.
  • Our style culminates in striking space buns, creating a statement look.

3. Slicked Back Chunky Braided Top Knot Bun

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  • Styling: Gather hair into a high ponytail, braid it, then twist to form a bun.
  • OccasionsIdeal for weddings, ensuring hair remains neatly in place.
  • Benefits: Offers elegance while being functional for long events.

4.Twisted Braid Bun With French And Fishtail Braid Combo

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  • Begin with a French braid: This creates a sophisticated foundation.
  • Incorporate a fishtail braid: Adds a unique twist.
  • Twist into a bun: Secure the braids at the nape.
  • Adjust for neatness: Tuck stray hairs for a polished look.

5. Cute Side And Top Braids Into Space Buns

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We’re seeing space buns reemerge as a chic hairstyle choice, replicating the iconic 90s vibe with a trendy twist. Perfectly perched, they offer a playful yet stylish look to any outfit.

6. Loosened Side French Into Intricate Bun

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  • Begin with a side French braid.
  • Weave loosely for a relaxed look.
  • Gather into a low bun.
  • Secure firmly with pins.

7. Blonde Box Braids Into Large Side French Updo

Photo: Instagram.com
  • We incorporate box braids to create a stunning side French updo.
  • These braids offer ample texture and volume.
  • Once exclusive to African-American women, they now embrace a universal appeal.
  • Box braids can act as a canvas for vibrant color highlights.

8. Slick Side Braid Swirled Into Low Braided Bun

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For a sophisticated appearance, we recommend a sleek side braid that elegantly swirls into a low bun at the nape. Perfect for gala evenings:

  • Starting Point: Pull hair to one side.
  • Braiding: Weave your hair into a neat braid along the side.
  • Final Touch: Coil the braid into a bun behind the ear.

9. Multi Braids Twist And Turn Updo

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  • Micro Braids: Essential for a textured, messy updo.
  • We intertwine varying braids for a seemingly spontaneous yet intricate appearance.
  • Our goal: an effortless aesthetic, betraying the skillful craft behind it.
  • This style is about embracing the complexity within the casual.
Feature Detail
Texture Enhanced with micro braids
Look Unstudied, sophisticated messiness
Style A medley of braids, twisted and turned up

10. Double Pull Weaved Side Braids Into Messy Low Bun

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  • Start by creating side braids, which keep long hair manageable.
  • We braid casually, allowing for some loose strands, embracing the messy hair look.
  • Secure the braids at the nape with pins, transitioning them into a low bun.
  • For full instructions, visit here.

11. Double Dutch Fishtail Updo

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  • Essentials: Dutch braids, dutch fishtail techniques
  • Style: Playful, intricate appearance
  • Approach: Braid under, not over


  1. Begin with classic Dutch braids.
  2. Transition into a Dutch fishtail midway.
  3. Secure the style into an updo.

12. Black Twisty French Braid Updo With Rainbow Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Base Style: Twisty French braid updo
  • Bangs: Bold, rainbow-colored


  • Front: Rainbow bangs make a bold statement
  • Back: Textured, stylish French braid updo

Perfect For: Those who embrace their rebellious streak and desire a unique look that combines confident style with a vibrant, eye-catching twist.

13. Criss Cross Cornrow Box Braids In Twisted Top Knot

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Hairstyle: A blend of criss-cross cornrows and box braids
  • Style Update: Twisted into a youthful top knot
  • Popularity: Favored for its rejuvenating appearance

Note: Ideal for a trendy, fresh look.

14. Ribbon Braided Crown Updo

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  • We can create Crown Braids with added flair.
  • Intertwine a colorful ribbon for a unique touch.
  • This style exudes royalty without the need for an actual crown.

15. Red Double Pull Through Braids With Diagonal French

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color Impact: Bold red for instant standout effect.
  • Style Highlight: Diagonal French braid meets the double crown braid.
  • Visual Appeal: Ensures prominent presence with a vibrant hue.

16. Thin And Thick Cornrows Into Slick Large Top Bun

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  • We recommend alternating between thin and thick cornrows.
  • Our approach utilizes contrast to create a playful yet sophisticated style.
  • The culmination is a high bun that stands out effortlessly.

17. Half French Halo With Flower Twist Chignon

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Half French Halo
  • Occasion: Suitable for both casual and formal events
  • Updo Integration: Flower Twist Chignon for a chic look
  • Trend Status: Gaining popularity due to versatility

We wholeheartedly embrace the integration of French braid buns into our styling repertoire, as they offer an elegant fusion of classic and contemporary charm.

18. Gentle Flow Braids In Low Chignon Updo

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Structure: Braided bun
  • Style: Effortlessly elegant
  • Suitability: Adaptable to various hair types and face shapes
  • Occasion: Transitions seamlessly from everyday wear to formal events

19.  Top Knot Bun With Weaved Braids

Photo: Instagram.com

Our choice for a quick yet elegant hairstyle is the braided top knot. This chic updo features a bun that’s not only easy to create but also exudes a sleek fashion sense—ideal for those rush-hour mornings. We find this style to be a winning combination of practicality and style.

20. Dutch And Infinity Braids into Messy Buns

Photo: Instagram.com
  • We create a charming disheveled look with Infinity and Dutch braids leading into messy buns.
  • Ideal for any age, these braids enhance the effortless allure of a messy bun.

21. French Micro And Macro Cornrows Into Low Braid-Swirled Bun

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Elegant updo with a blend of micro and macro cornrows.
  • Finish: Braids converge into a swirled low bun.
  • Detail: Incorporates complexity within a unified style.
  • Guide: Following step-by-step instructions ensures a polished result.
  • Talent: Achieving this look may require practice or professional assistance.

22. Half Crown French Braids Into Side Braided Rose Bun

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Begin with half crown French braids.
  • Tuck ends into a side braided bun.
  • Embellish with rose accents if desired.

Perfect for casual affairs, adds a touch of sophistication.

23. Cornrow Mohawk Top Knot Bun

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Cornrow Mohawk
  • Volume: Enhanced
  • Texture: Rich
  • Occasions: From fashion shows to formal events
  • Step into empowerment with this hairstyle showcasing our fierce individuality.

24. All Around Crown Braids Updo

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Elevated Crown Braid
  • Texture: Enhanced with statement texture
  • Positioning: Encircles hairline; visible from all angles

Our version elevates the classic milkmaid braid into a striking updo.

25. Three Strand Braids With Three Strand Pulled Underneath Updo

Photo: Instagram.com

We often begin with the basics, and for updos, the three-strand braid technique is foundational. Here’s how we elevate it:

  • Start: Plait a traditional three-strand braid.
  • Elevate: Weave the braid into an updo by pulling it underneath.
  • Secure: Use pins to hold the style.
  • Result: A simple, elegant updo suitable for various occasions.