27 Workout Hairstyles To Look Stylish While Working Out

Maintaining a sense of style during a workout not only boosts our confidence but can also enhance our performance. We understand the importance of a hairstyle that stays put and doesn’t interfere with our regime. Whether it’s a quick sprint on the treadmill or a focused yoga session, the right hairstyle is key. With just a couple of minutes to spare before hitting the gym, we have a range of chic and practical hairstyles that are perfect for any workout intensity.

We often opt for buns or ponytails, but there’s a world of gym-friendly hairstyles to explore. From the security of boxer braids to the convenience of a twisted updo, we know how to combine fashion with function. Our choices, such as incorporating a scrunchie or bobby pins, are not just about aesthetics; they prevent flyaways and keep our focus undiverted. We take pride in offering adaptable and charming styles that meet the goals of staying comfortable and looking great, whether you’re doing pilates or heavy cardio.

1. Cornrows Centered Into A Top Braided Bun

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  • Hair Preparation: Our cornrows ensure hair is neatly tucked away.
  • Bun Creation: We fashion a chic top braided bun, ideal for active settings.
  • Maintenance: This hairstyle allows us to maintain a polished look during workouts.

2. Shoulder Length With Slanted Top Braid

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We often see athletes sporting braids. Our take on this is a side braid, practical and chic for any sport. It secures hair snugly, keeping focus on the game. Here’s how we achieve this style efficiently:

  • Part hair to the preferred side.
  • Braid tightly from the top, angling towards the shoulder.
  • Secure the end with a discreet band.

3. Criss Cross Twists Into Double Buns

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  • Begin by sectioning our hair into two parts.
  • We then twist each section, creating a criss-cross pattern.
  • Secure the twists with hair ties or bobby pins.
  • Finally, loop each twist into a bun and fasten it firmly.

4. Bubble Fauxhawk

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  • Style: Bubble Fauxhawk
  • Look: Elegant yet suitable for the gym
  • Durability: Maintains form pre- and post-workout
  • Convenience: No restyling necessary

5. Messy Top Knot With Low Pigtail Braids

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  • Style: Combine a messy top knot with low pigtail braids for a carefree look
  • Occasion: Perfect for casual outings or when you’re short on time
  • Tip: Pull out a few strands to enhance the messy vibe

6. Double Dutch Braids Into Fishtail

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  • Step 1: Begin with two Dutch braids.
  • Step 2: Transition each into a fishtail braid.
  • Benefit: Offers a chic and athletic look.
  • Perfect For: Active days or sporting endorsements.

7. Mohawk Braided Pony

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  • Versatile: Adapts to both athletic activities and stylish outings.
  • Control: Keeps hair neatly contained, ensuring no distractions.
  • Style: Combines braid’s intricacy with pony’s practicality.

Incorporating braided elements into a ponytail not only secures our hair during vigorous movements but also elevates the overall look.

8. Loose French With Unbraided Ends

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  • French Braids: Known for versatility, often styled with unbraided ends.
  • Popularity: A top choice for a blend of simplicity and elegance.
  • Styling: Top portion is typically braided, while the ends remain free.

9. Double Dutch Into Twisted Braided Buns

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  • Strands: We twist them under instead of over.
  • Aesthetic: Offers an elegant texture.
  • Name: Some refer to it as reverse French braids.
  • Instagram Popularity: Features among top styles.

10. Warrior Braided Ponytail On Long Hair

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With long hair, we can embrace a formidable and stylish look through warrior braids. This style makes us channel our inner strength, giving us a fierce yet graceful appearance reminiscent of iconic female leaders and warriors on-screen.

11. Double Zipper Braids

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We create double zipper braids, syncing elegance with practicality for the gym. Starting as cornrows and transitioning into Dutch braids, they secure hair with flair.


  • Begin with cornrows at the scalp
  • Transition into Dutch braids
  • Ensure a snug, clean finish

Ideal for a polished yet youthful look, they are not just for children but also for adults seeking a stylish, workout-ready hairstyle.

12. Cornrow Dutch In High Ponytail

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  • Style: Combined cornrows and Dutch braids
  • Appearance: Striking contrast
  • Detail: High ponytail finish

Our high ponytail look exudes sophistication, combining traditional cornrows with the intricacy of Dutch braids.

13. Top Braid Into Two Braids Stacked Into A Ponytail

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  • Elegance: We often sport this hairstyle; it’s perfect for gym sessions.
  • Popularity: Frequently spotted in athletic commercials.
  • Suitability: If it’s preferred by top athletes and brands, it works for us too.

14. Pigtail Fishtail All-Around

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  • We elevate the classic pigtails into a stylish ensemble perfect for any occasion, be it a gym session or a date.
  • Our aim is to combine practicality with elegance, creating a versatile look that boosts confidence no matter the setting.

15. Two Tiny Topknots On Short Hair

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Styling short hair for a workout can seem limiting. However, we’ve got a chic solution:

  • Space Buns: These not only keep hair off your face but also add a playful vibe.
  • Size: Make them tiny to manage the lesser volume of short hair.
  • Ease: Even with less length, securing your hair into these topknots is doable and fashionable.

16. Infinity Braid on a Pancaked French Braid Into a Pony

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  • Create a French braid.
  • Pancake it for volume.
  • Transition into an infinity braid.
  • Secure into a ponytail.

Time Required: 10+ minutes.

17. Braided Piggy Buns

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We cherish the double bun look for its ease and style. Low buns sit at the nape, offering an understated chic. Here’s how they add flair:

  • Versatility: Suits various hair lengths and types.
  • Pairing: Two buns create a balanced symmetry.

18. Figure 8 Dutch In Low Ponytail

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  • Hairstyle: Figure 8 Dutch Braid into Low Ponytail
  • Functionality: Ideal for workouts; tight top, loose back
  • Aesthetics: Casual and relaxed look

19. Tight Braided Halo Bang Braids And Mohawk Braid

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  • Effort: Medium-High
  • Style: Sporty and Chic
  • Benefit: Minimizes Sweating
  • Durability: Maintains Form Post-Exercise

Our approach ensures you stay comfortable and stylish.

20. Twists And Cornrows Into Twisted Pointy Ponytail

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  • Start with cornrows.
  • Progress to a high pony twist.
  • Secure firmly for workouts.

21. 3 Dutch Braids Flipped Around Into A High Bun

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  • Style: High bun from three Dutch braids
  • Suitability: Ideal for medium length hair
  • Occasion: Great for workouts

22. Bubble Fouxhawk And Side Bubble Ponytail

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Bold Features:

  • Edgy: A breakpoint in traditional hairdos.
  • Versatile: Fits both gym and evening settings.


  • We wear it for a workout statement.
  • We choose it for dates and meetings.


  • The bubble pony adds a playful twist.

23. Three Cornrows Into Half Pipe Braid And Loose Ponytail

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  • Half-Up Style: We fashion three sleek cornrows that transition into a half-pipe braid.
  • The look is completed with a loose ponytail, ensuring comfort and flair for those with long tresses.

24. High Messy Braided Pigtails

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For those of us with short hair seeking a practical yet stylish workout look, high messy braided pigtails offer:

  • Shape: They add a desirable contour.
  • Texture: A more dynamic appearance than plain ponytails.
  • Practicality: Manages shorter lengths efficiently.

25. Messy Topknot With Wide Headband

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  • Messy Bun: A relaxed yet stylish updo.
  • Headband: Keeps sweat away from the face.
    • Protects skin
    • Aids in acne prevention
  • Half-up Topknot: Perfect for a workout mix.

Headbands enhance both function and fashion.

26. Goddess Knot

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  • Versatility: Suitable for any hair length.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Instantly elevates your style.
  • Practicality: Secures hair effectively.

27. Front To Side Dutch Braid And Messy Bun

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  • Style: Combine a Dutch braid starting from the front, sweeping to the side.
  • Finish: Tether ends into a loose, messy bun.
  • Aesthetic: Perfectly complements athletic wear.
  • Tip: Leave strands out for a relaxed vibe.