36 Fabulous Rihanna Hairstyles From Edgy To Elegant

Rihanna emerged onto the music scene as a fresh-faced 17-year-old with her hit “Pon de Replay,” and swiftly became a pop sensation. Her debut single soared to the second spot on the Billboard singles chart, marking the beginning of an illustrious career. To date, Rihanna has sold over 280 million records and singles, spanning eight studio albums and numerous accolades. As her music evolved, so did her image, especially her daring approaches to hairstyling, signaling her as a chameleon of fashion.

The shape-shifting styles of Rihanna have made her a source of inspiration for those looking to experiment with their own hair. From the romantic allure of finger waves to audacious cuts like the pompadour, Rihanna’s hairstyles reflect her fearless attitude in both music and fashion. Whether she’s gracing the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards or captivating the audience with her beauty at high-profile events like the Met Gala and Golden Globes, her hair transformations continue to influence style trends worldwide. With each appearance, whether she’s sporting a new hair color, cornrows, or jet-black waves, Rihanna, also known as ‘Riri’, has shown that she is not only a music icon but a fashion and beauty trendsetter, cementing her status in the halls of fashion and beauty history.

1. Slick Twisted Top Knot

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Slick Twisted Top Knot
  • Occasion: Red Carpet Events
  • Attributes:
    • Sleek finish
    • Slicked back appeal
    • Elegant twist

2. Caramels Curls In Loose Top Ponytail

Photo: Instagram.com
  • High ponytail: Caramel curls gather gracefully into a chic high ponytail.
  • Ponytails: They epitomize both ease and sophistication.
  • Loose waves: Infuse the ponytail with volume and movement for an eye-catching look.

3. Straight Bright Red Medium Length

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Vibrant Red
  • Texture: Sleek
  • Length: Medium

Our signature look exudes confidence, sporting a bright, audacious red that demands attention and epitomizes boldness. We embrace a medium length that balances elegance with a striking visual impact.

4. Messy Updo With Slick Side Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Popularity: We see the messy updo paired with sleek side bangs enrapture fashionistas.
  • Inspiration: A favorite of style icons, including Rihanna.
  • Vibe: Effortless chic, with a hint of boldness.
  • Styling: Achieving contrast through texture—polished bangs meet tousled hair.

5. Umber Curls On Long Hair

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Curls: Embrace natural texture
  • Voluminous: Achieve full-bodied curls
  • Voluminous Curls: Amplify with strategic coloring

We enhance our long curls, enlivening them with umber tones for a captivating look.

6. Shoulder Length Honey Brow Wavy Curls

Photo: Instagram.com

Style Attributes:

  • Length: Shoulder-grazing
  • Color: Honey blonde
  • Texture: Wavy

Styling Tips:

  • Use a medium-barrel curling iron for waves.
  • Add wavy bangs to frame the face.

7. Medium Length Layered Wavy Light Blonde With Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Light blonde
  • Style: Wavy layers with bangs
  • Ideal for: Adding youthful charm

8. Long Dreadlocks

Photo: Instagram.com

We observe that long dreadlocks are a bold choice, not often seen on many celebrities. Rihanna showcases this style, demonstrating versatility and confidence.

Key Points:

  • Faux locs can be a trendy alternative
  • Maintains a rebellious, yet stylish look
  • Reflects a fearless fashion statement

9. Retro Styled Red Hair

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Influence: Jackie O vibe perfect on RiRi.
  • Palette: Vibrant reds echo past glamour.
  • Fit: She embodies the vintage charm effortlessly.

10. Pixie With Long Bangs And Gray Highlights

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Pixie Cut: We advocate for a versatile pixie cut with elongated bangs.
  • Gray Highlights: Adding gray highlights can create a daring yet sophisticated look.

11. Bantu Knots

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Popularity: Global admiration
  • Style Adaptability: High versatility
  • Appearance: Striking, stylish

We notice the appeal of Bantu knots extends worldwide, showcasing a high degree of style adaptability that captures attention instantly.

12. Lob With Choppy Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Lob cut paired with choppy bangs
  • Inspiration: Retro, Jackie O elegance
  • Occasion: Sophisticated attire events

The look embodies a modern twist on classic sophistication, perfect for elevating our style to iconic status.

13. Top Knot Updo With Wispy Fringe

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Top Knot Updo
  • Fringe: Wispy edges
  • Aesthetic: Inspired by geisha elegance
  • Ideal for: Bold makeup pairings

14. Green Tipped Liberty Spikes

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Celebrity: Rihanna
  • Event: Music Festival
  • Hairstyle: Liberty Spikes
  • Color Highlights: Green Tips

15. Pink Pixie With Baby Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Bold pink hue
  • LengthPixie cut
  • Styling: Innovative baby bangs
  • Inspiration: Rihanna’s iconic looks

We embrace the audacity of experiment with unusually vibrant tones and daring short lengths. Our inspiration stems from trendsetters like Rihanna, who masterfully pairs a pink pixie with miniature bangs to stunning effect. Perfect for those seeking a statement hairstyle with a twist of the extraordinary.

16. Long Wavy Brown To Honey Ombre With Side Buzzcut

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Trendsetter: We draw inspiration from icons like Rihanna.
  • Style: Long waves transition to honey ombre, a testament to versatility.
  • Edginess: A side buzzcut adds an audacious touch to the sophistication.
  • The balance of shaved sides and flowing locks exudes confidence.

17. Long Red Elegant Side Braid

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Rich, attention-grabbing red
  • Style: Side-swept braid, evoking a classic charm
  • Inspiration: Reminiscent of iconic cinema styles

18. Curly Gray Mohawk

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style Attributes:
    • Stylish
    • Edgy
    • Elegant

We recommend drawing inspiration from style icons like Rihanna for a unique look.

19. Short Bob With Slanted Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Short Bob
  • Feature: Slanted Bangs
  • Impression: Youthful charm
  • Iconic Wearers: Celebrities like Rihanna

20. Red Layered Pixie With Sidecuts And Side Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Vibrant red
  • CutAsymmetric layers
  • Detail: Edgy sidecuts
  • Styling: Sweeping side bangs
  • Inspiration: Rihanna’s twist on the classic pixie

21. Layered Light Brown Balayage With Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Ideal for:
    • Warmer skin tones
    • Achieving a sun-kissed effect


  • Subtle graduation of color
  • Frames the face beautifully
  • Enhances natural features

22. Pixie With Micro Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Trend: Micro bangs add a bold, retro-futuristic touch to pixie cuts.
  • Popularity: Peaked in popularity in 2018.
  • Iconic Style: Rihanna embraced this striking look.

23. Tied Up Dreadlocks

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Celebrity: Rihanna
  • Event: Red Carpet
  • Look: Dreadlocks

Styling: A bold statement with a striking dress contrast.

24. A-Line Black Bob With Umber And Blond Streaks

Photo: Instagram.com

Our take on this style:

  • Length: Short A-line
  • Color: Black with umber and blond streaks
  • Cut: Asymmetrical bob

Ideal for a chic, urban look.

25. Short Felicia Braids

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Inspired by iconic film, “Friday”
  • Combination with Bantu knots
  • Statement hairstyle
  • Reflection of cultural homage

Our choice highlights a blend of tradition and trend.

26. Edgy Mullet With Micro Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Era Revived: We’re embracing the mullet’s revival, a nod to ’90s chic.
  • Fashion Twist: Women are now at the forefront, redefining this bold cut.
  • Iconic Influence: Italian footballers set the precedent; today’s trendsetters are evolving it.
  • Style Notes: It pairs the classic mullet silhouette with daring micro bangs.

27. Curly Updo With Headband

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Hairstyle Inspiration: Rihanna’s look combines regal elegance with a modern twist.
  • Key Element: A headband accentuates the curly updo.
  • Sense of Style: Effortlessly transitions from bold to a touch of classic grace.
  • Accessibility: Attainable style that doesn’t require a proverbial crown to shine.

28. Slicked Back Low Ponytail With Side Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Slicked back low ponytail; side-swept bangs
  • Inspiration: Rihanna’s sophisticated look
  • Mood: Elegant, business-ready
  • Detail: Futuristic edge

29. Caramel Long Side Swept Pixie

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Color: Caramel
  • Style: Long Side Swept
  • Accents: Brown manicure complement

30. Short Mullet With Side Buzzcut

Photo: Instagram.com
Feature Description
Style Short Mullet
Buzzcut Element Side buzzcut
Inspiration Rihanna’s edgy look
Popularity Global trend
  • Versatile: Suits various styles
  • Bold Statement: Embraces confidence

We recommend maintaining the buzzcut for freshness.

31. Flicked Out Copper Red Lob

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Inspiration: Rihanna channels a retro vibe
  • Style: Flicked out lob
  • Color: Copper red
  • Feel: Classic Hollywood glamour

32. Classy Updo With Middle Parted Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com

Styling Tips:

  • Begin with freshly washed hair.
  • Blow-dry for a smooth texture.
  • Create a middle part for the bangs.
  • Secure the rest in an elegant updo.

33. Retro Tied Back Loose Hair With Swirled Bangs

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Tied back, loose
  • Accent: Swirled bangs
  • Inspiration: Vintage flair

34. Slicked Back Top Bun

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style Aesthetic: Elegant UpDo with a modern twist.
  • Occasion: Perfect for high-profile events.
  • Makeup Harmony: Paired with bold black lipstick.
  • Fashion Synergy: Complements an equally striking ensemble.

We see this look enhancing red carpet attire with its sleek appeal.

35. Gray Fox Highlights In Messy Ponytail

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Trend Embrace: Rihanna confidently sports gray highlights.
  • Experimentation: Showcases maturity, unafraid of aged appearance.
  • Source: Instagram captures her bold fashion choice.

36. Pulled Back Loose Soft Curls

Photo: Instagram.com
  • Style: Pulled back to accentuate volume
  • Texture: Effortlessly soft curls
  • Occasion: Versatile for any event
  • Inspiration: Celebrity trendsetting looks